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Emoto Peace Project
        Our mission 

The purpose of the Emoto Peace Project (EPP) is to educate people, especially children, of the true nature and importance of water through the Picture Book "The Message from Water" by Dr. Masaru Emoto, and his other works and research. Our mission is to share in an informative, entertaining, awakening way, how water structure changes to reflect the vibrations of whatever we’re thinking and feeling (please see menu above “Water Crystal Gallery”). This clear visual demonstration raises our individual awareness to make a habit of “choosing better feeling thoughts”, resulting in naturally expanding World Peace. Our intention, with your support, is to distribute 650 million copies of “The Message from Water” Picture Book throughout the world.

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The Power of Love  and Appreciation Made Visible

The surface of this planet Earth is 70% water, and we human beings are also 70% water. We are mostly water. So it is truly important and very relevant that all children (and adults) learn more about water. Through “The Message from Water”, children will learn that our emotions are transmitted to and reflected in the water within us and into our surroundings. Choosing an attitude of Love and Appreciation positively fundamentally changes us within, and energetically creates a more sustainable and beautiful life for everyone on the planet.

The Message from Water is primarily intended for children ages 3 - 12.

Why Children? Children are pure. If we adults give them a chance to learn about water and our shared energetic spirit nature as human beings, our children will grow with greater knowledge to positively impact themselves and their communities, guided by the primary emotions of Love and Appreciation. Now and in the ongoing years, we imagine Earth being led by them in ever better directions, benefitting all of humanity. “The Message from Water” has been translated into multiple languages for global distribution and enjoyment (please see menu above “Picture Books” for digital downloads).

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