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                  Message from Masaru Emoto


The vision of Emoto Peace Project (EPP) is to distribute the children’s version of one of my first books for adults “The Hidden Messages in Water”, titled “The Message from Water”, to children all around the world free of charge for children with donations from adults. “The Hidden Messages in Water” contains water crystal photographs and the book’s message has received wide support from all over the world for many years.

For a long time the world has been in a difficult situation where people don't understand why it is the way it is.  In my opinion, one of the most important reasons why the world is in such a state is a lack of fundamental education of: "What is life? What is it to be human? For what do we exist?". It is essential that our education systems provide these philosophical teachings.

After twenty five years of researching water, I have come to believe that the answers to the above mentioned questions are revealed in the behavior of water. Everyone on Earth can agree that water is a primary element in the composition and the creation of most everything, still even modern science hasn't yet deeply understood water. Consequently, we do not have much education about water in schools, and children, therefore, do no have much knowledge of or interest in water.

Photographs of water crystals seem to show the energetic creative power of our thoughts and feelings. Until photographs of water crystals sharing this research appear in school textbooks globally, I would like to distribute my children's book with sincere cooperation of people around the world. The distribution of my children's book "The Message from Water" began in Japan in 2006, and is spreading thanks to my precious supporters in each country. There are now over 30 countries where "The Message from Water" is being offered.

My desire is to distribute it to at least 10% of children in the world, since I believe this book conveys to children the truth about our energy through water. Understanding these truths about ourselves with water, loving them, and appreciating them, we can together with children, make the world more peaceful.


Thank you for your loving attention and continued support.


With love and appreciation,

Masaru Emoto (Water Messenger),

Founder of the EMOTO PEACE PROJECT, Non-Profit Organization


Dr. Masaru Emoto transitioned on the 17th October, 2014

at the age of 71.

The team of EMOTO PEACE PROJECT continues to put most

of our effort into this meaningful project with the cooperation of

Dr. Emoto and our wonderful friends around the world.

Dr Emoto and Michiko Hayashi.jpg

Dr. Emoto with Michiko Hayashi, Global Ambassdor for the Emoto Peace Project

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